Post Pentecost

It's been a minute but I wanted to share that I am once again published (TGBTG!!!). This time God has made an opportunity for me to say a little something about Pentecost in Faith & Leadership, the publication out of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. I am very humbled, honored, and excited! When I first started pulling articles for class on the Faith & Leadership website, my article for Wesley Theological Seminary's Leading Ideas came to my mind. I said to myself in passing, "one day I will be published in Faith & Leadership." I didn't remember that moment until I saw my work sitting on my computer screen and I never in a million years imagined that it would actually happen. Our words and our thoughts have immense power even when we don't think so. God is continually showing us the plans he has for us even when we aren't paying close attention. [embed][/embed]

Check out my piece on Pentecost in Faith & Leadership here.