Will It Ever End?

7 Day ForecastCan I tell you I am so sick of winter?! I know I don't have the right to complain given that we haven't seen any real snow the last couple of years. But my goodness, will winter ever end? It seems like it's just hanging on for dear life. Not only is it cold, but it is bitterly cold in a way that causes me to stay in the house unless I absolutely have to go out. My niece Domestic Chic lives about fifteen minutes away, yet until a few days ago I hadn't seen her in weeks. Why? Because neither one of us wanted to leave the house in this bitterly cold weather for anything other than work or food. Now there is a benefit to winter lingering so long. I personally like to see my life transition with the seasons. Maybe it's because I was in an academic environment for so long, but I almost expect to see a significant shift in my life when the weather changes. This delay in spring's entrance gives me and my life a chance to catch up. Also I must admit that my spring wardrobe is more than lacking. If spring had arrived on time, I would have been totally unprepared to maintain diva status in every setting that requires me to look like somebody. So I appreciate the opportunity to get my life in order, but enough is enough already.

In about two to three months, I am sure I will be complaining, saying that it's too hot. So if you happen to overhear me doing so, please slap me. Until then you will find me and my portable office huddled under a blanket waiting for spring.