Natasha at the pulpit
Rev. Natasha introducing Pastor Janae (photo credit H. Hudson)

This past weekend my home church hosted a phenomenal women's conference that was themed "The Victorious Woman". It was an awesome event with some of the most gifted and well respected names in ministry. Having attended so many women's events, conferences, and brunches, I must admit that I really wasn't expecting to hear anything new that would have any kind of significant impact on my life. And while I didn't have any great epiphanies, sitting and receiving great information from these gifted women moved me to re-evaluate many aspects of my life and my relationships.

One area I was particularly moved to take a closer look at is my faith. I'm not referring to a particular set of moral beliefs that govern my conduct and my decisions. I am referring to what I believe about the gifts inside of me and what is possible for my life. Rev. Janae Pitts-Murdock presented on "Victorious Faith" and one of the things she said that stuck with me is that victorious faith is prodigious. Prodigious is defined as being (among other things) exceptional and unusual. Pastor Janae said victorious faith should allow you to do what is beyond your natural ability. Your faith takes you beyond what everyone else says you should be able to do.

I generally consider myself to be faith-filled, but if I were honest then I would readily admit there are times that I sit down on my gifts because I question what is possible for my life in this season. Pastor Janae helped us to remember that faith appropriately placed in the Gift-Giver makes all things possible for you in any season and can take you beyond what you can think or imagine.