(Un) Inspired

  fancydeskOver the last few days I realized that I once again fell into the habit of abandoning my office in favor of the family room couch. My couch not only invites me to get comfortable, but it doesn't judge me for missing deadlines or procrastinating the way my office does. While my office sternly admonishes me, "You have a purpose and you need to be working toward it," my couch comforts me as it whispers, "It's okay that you're a slacker, I am too." I guess it's no wonder that I have been far less productive and less inspired lately.

fancyofcThat is until I upgraded my iPhone to the 5, but I'll share more on that later. Seeing the vibrant colors of the pics on the 5 (compared to my 3GS) lifted my fog. It also made me realize that my family room was like my 3GS- dull and uninspired, while my office is in fact the 5- bright, full of color, and offering a fresh lens through which to see old things. This realization prompted me part ways with my couch in favor of the more challenging, yet uplifting views offered by my office. When we first moved into this house, I declared that greatness would flow out of this office. It's kind of hard to walk in that prophetic declaration unless I am physically present in the space. So goodbye comfortable complacency, it's time for me to go.