The Officiant 2

It's shameful how I long it's been since the last update. So much time has passed that I have already officiated yet another wedding. I think I'm about to start marketing myself as the wedding minister because it seems to have become my thing. All kidding aside, next to preaching it really is one of my favorite parts of being in ministry. This year has taught me that my role isn't just about the wedding day, but sometimes it's side chats with the bride, groom, parents, or another family member adjusting to the shift the impending nuptials bring. Sometimes it is simply walking in my authority in a way that makes misbehaving family members back up off the bride and groom. wedding

This time around took me out of town to Atlanta, which was great. Although I didn't love getting up at the crack of dawn to make my flights, I enjoyed the time I spent with the happy couple and the family. It's always so funny to me when family members expect me to be all uptight only to find out I'm an r&b-loving, stiletto-wearing girly girl like a lot of other women. I don't think that will ever get old. It reminds me that God calls you just as you are and uses who you are to connect with other people. One women even followed me out of the reception to tell me that seeing me convicted her concerning her call to ministry. That's pretty awesome!

The highlight of my weekend was spending time with one of my bff's of over 25 years. I was thrilled because I hadn't seen her in such a long time. Yet no matter how much time goes by,we always pick up right where we left off. During a full weekend of moving in the space of being Rev. Gadson, but I appreciated a moment to Sometimes you just need that to remind you of who you are and to replenish you for who you're required to be.


Atlanta was great and so was the experience, but I must admit I was happy to be back home. I'm happy to say though that I am growing more accustomed to leaving town in short but frequent spurts of time. Now if only I can learn to unpack and put my luggage away in a timely manner.