Sunday Morning in the Country

20130607-100207.jpgOkay so maybe not exactly in the country to those who have family living in the south, but pretty darn close. If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was in South Carolina where my mom lives. After all, I did pass a good amount of horses, rolling green fields, and even a confederate flag in Monkton. Sometimes I forget that in Maryland we are indeed below the Mason-Dixon line. What was I doing in the country? I was preaching and leading worship for my pastor friend in her absence. Her congregation knows me well and I enjoy my time with them too, so it was a nice visit. Admittedly though it made me miss the comfort and familiarity of the suburban church setting that I have grown to love. And unfortunately, to me there's something about the country church setting that rings a little too 'Little House on the Prairie' for me. Nevertheless I always have a good time at Mount Joy because the people are warm and loving. So while I don't think I'd be happy serving in a similar setting on a permanent basis, I really felt blessed to bring the Word for the Mount Joy family.