What Steve Jobs Gave Me for My Birthday


Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and I was elated to find that my hubby hooked his wife up with an iPad. I had been pleading with this man for an iPad for only God knows how long but he just couldn't see the point. To him it was just a larger version of my iPhone (which it is). He was and is still convinced that this expensive plaything will be sitting off to the side by January. But I knew differently. I knew that a device like this has the potential to change the very way I function from day to day as I attend meetings, take notes in church, update my site, teach my online class, and surf the web. Steve Jobs knew this too, and he knew it since 1978 when he cofounded Apple. If I was an ambitious writer I'd use these next few lines to offer a brief history and summarize the innovations of Steve Job's creations. You can find that on Wikipedia. Instead I choose to wax poetic about how his foresight, vision, and brilliant creativity has changed the world and the way I function in it. It's unbelievable the way this man had totally impacted our lives and significantly contributed to our collective history. As I sat at dinner amongst my group of friends celebrating the day I entered this world, I was saddened to hear the news of Steve Jobs leaving this world... news my husband received when he looked at FaceBook on his iPhone. Rest in peace Steve Jobs, and know that for the forseeable future we carry tangible evidence of your brilliant footprint.