St. Louis and Other Randomness

Saturday in St. Louis Yes, okay. It's been a minute. That's because I just haven't had a chance to share since before Resurrection Sunday. After my trip to the Proctor Conference, I mainly turned my attention to finishing out the semester and prepping to preach two Good Friday services.

Last weekend I was back on the road, this time to St. Louis to preach and teach for the congregation of my DMin colleague and great friend, Rev. Starsky D. Wilson. I don't think I have words, time, or adequate space to articulate what a great time I had getting to know members of St. John's Church and sharing in this experience. As I said to them, theirs is the kind of church I dreamed of attending when I was a little girl. This church family is warm, welcoming, and committed to the work of ministry and social justice. There were so many gifts in the room that I felt privileged to be the midwife pushing many of them in the direction of manifesting those gifts.

I can tell you that after a weekend of getting in other people's business, hearing their stories, and fanning into flame their gifts, it was hard returning home and reorienting myself to normalcy, despite my fatigue. Trying to come down off the weekend proved difficult and it reminded me of exactly why I found my organizational development work to be so difficult. I can preach Sunday morning services in a different church every week if I had to and I'd be just fine. Yet once I become emotionally invested in the stories and experiences of individuals, it becomes hard to disengage. There's always a part of me that wants to know how each person's story plays out, but that was not my assignment. My assignment was to plant a seed, water a seed, and/or bring confirmation. That is a difficult adjustment I've always had trouble making once my work is completed.

I did re-learn a few practical things during the weekend that I won't forget the next time:

  1. Wear Your Own Clothes- That was the title of the sermon preached at my ordination and that's good advice I should have followed. I waxed conservative during my trip because I sometimes rub the more traditional saints the wrong way with my pencil skirts and stilettos. I kept the stilettos but left behind the pencil skirts which (along with my hair in a bun) left me feeling a little undivafied unnecessarily.
  2. Ship Your Materials- Admittedly this would take more advanced planning than most preachers usually demonstrate. If I had done so, then I would have had more room in my suitcase for two more pairs of stilettos and more clothes including those pencil skirts.
  3. Pay for Early Check-in- I got so caught up on Saturday that I completely forgot to check in for my flight. When I finally did, I was in group C... not a good look.


Although some of his members managed to get a few pics, one of my regrets is that I didn't take any pictures of my friend and his beautiful family. I did however snap this pic of my dinner at Sweetie Pie's (after I got started)! Thankfully Husband unselfishly gave me his blessing to go in his absence so I didn't have to lie to him later. Yum!