Spring Ministerial Swag

Black Casual Ensemble

H M h m $12 - hm.com

H M h m $23 - hm.com


Now that the longest winter ever has finally been sent packing, it's time for me to turn my fashion focus toward what I really want my style to be for the spring particularly as it relates to my church life. While it is true that God looks at the heart, it's undeniable that man still looks on the outward appearance. This unfortunately becomes significant as people are deciding if they will respect your gifts and your leadership. While other people just want to make sure they are 'church appropriate' as they pick out their clothes on Sunday morning, I have to give thoughtful and careful consideration to my look and what it communicates every time I walk into the doors of the church. I have had to learn to achieve a look that balances an authoritative presence with my natural inclination toward a contemporary non-traditional (and sometimes edgy) style. Now that we are launching a non-traditional noonday service, I am also challenged with taking my look to casual while still looking polished and sophisticated... all on a budget. Today I popped into H&M and found a couple of very inexpensive pieces to start me in the direction I am trying to go. Paired with these peep-toe pumps I found on sale at macys.com (originally $70, but I got them for $37), I think this look is a cute, clean, and contemporary jumping off point for my spring ministerial swag.