snowfront Well we survived the snowpocalypse of 2016 without losing power, internet, or patience with each other. Once the worst of the storm hit Saturday morning and we still had power and satellite television, we knew we were in the clear. There was still the small matter of walking the pup and digging out, but we experienced small miracles on both fronts. Rowdy didn't lose his mind and he cooperated when we went out, and a wonderful neighbor brought over his snow blower. When the snow removal service we'd called never showed up, Husband was able to clear our driveway, sidewalks, and walkway thanks to the use of our neighbor's snow blower. I am also happy to report that we were able to leave the house yesterday so I now have cookie butter ice cream and white wine (of which I plan to consume copious amounts).

snowroudyI didn't get quite as much writing done as I'd hoped. I underestimated how much I would just want to curl up under a blanket next to Husband and Rowdy and watch movies. It's very rare that we have three days in a row with each other's full attention. I was thrilled to spend time together NOT talking about the business, my dissertation, the direction of my ministry, or any of the other things that keep us awake at night. My biggest accomplishment these past few day was finally seeing the Godfather Trilogy in its entirety. (In my humble opinion, the third one Coppola really could have kept.) My time wasn't necessarily productive, it was time well-spent.

Even though the roads are clearer and the snow is beginning to melt, my time of being snowed in has not come to an end. I think it will be another few days before I want to maneuver through the madness of the streets and fight for parking, so I will stay put and continue to work my righteous rituals- the intentional actions I take every day to move toward the completion of my goals. Basically I am planning my work and working my plan. This includes my sewing. Two years ago, my cabin fever yielded pretty good results. With my recent weight gain and the fact that I don't plan on addressing it until my writing is done, I need to be sewing on a regular basis so that I won't have to leave the house naked...and to accommodate the cookie butter ice cream.