September Musings

20130918-202129.jpg Once again these shoes have nothing to do with the post but I could not resist. It's so sad that its been almost a month since I've updated my blog. And yes I know all of my excuses about how busy I am now that I am Duke DMin-bound are getting tired, but it's so true. My life over the last few weeks has literally been reading, posting in class forums, online synchronous class, Empire's financials, church, and other ministry events. I can't say there has been a lot of fun in all of that but I'm not complaining. I appreciate having this experience. In the meantime I haven't been able to hang out as much with my niece Domestic Chic and her kiddies. She has started classes again herself and my nephew started kindergarten, so I guess we are all on our academic grind. As you can see, I did however manage to sneak in a little shopping here and there. After all a girl has got to keep up her shoe game.