Procrastination Alive and Well

snowpic The day I took this pic I should have been working- on my papers, on my forum postings, on sermon prep or Word study, anything... but I wasn't. I was staring out the window wondering when the snow would finally let up and pretending that a cancelled class meant that I could ignore the fact that I had assignments coming down the pike. I have no idea what I was thinking that day. If I was smart I would have spent that day looking ahead at my assignments and getting a head start on the ones I find the most frustrating. Unfortunately procrastination is still alive and well in my life.

I've written before about being plagued by perfectionism paralysis and the resulting proclivity to procrastinate that accompanies it. This semester I am happy to say that my perfectionism is taking on a lesser form. My husband even said that I seem a lot less crazy and less frazzled than I did last semester. While I am indeed happy about that minor improvement, I still cannot seem to get beyond my habit of procrastinating. It is ridiculous given that if I just spent a couple of hours each day (and maybe not even that) focused on chipping away at my academic to-do list, I wouldn't find myself scrambling at the last minute to get things done. I know that perfectionism is still a factor in this, but I am determined to break this bad habit that makes me crazy every time I have something due. I have been pretty good on the other systems I put in place at the beginning of the year, but admittedly there are several I am falling short on. I am in week five of my classes which means I only have three more weeks to go (thank you Lord!). Prayerfully I can use these last three weeks to develop better habits so that I am not losing my mind when it's time to hand in my final papers.