Pretty Preacha Swag

prettypreachaswagAlthough today I missed two out of the three worship services our church has, I'm happy I made it in the house for our main service. As always, it was a really great worship experience and the Word was awesome. It may seem strange that I still went to church on my anniversary, but without God we never would have made it. And besides, when my pastor called for anniversaries and asked how many years (as he customarily does the first Sunday of every month), I wanted to be there to bear witness to the 12 years the Lord has blessed our marriage. Anywho, this morning I was feeling my pretty preacha swag. It may be all the anniversary love or simply the fact that I've been having a good hair weekend. Whatever the case, I felt good today and I'm thankful that I got to spend my morning in worship and then come home to spend some quiet quality time with the husband. Hope you had a great day too!