Post Resurrection Musings

I hope you had an awesome Resurrection Sunday! My Holy Week was spent mostly preparing to preach for my good friend at her church's 7 Last Words Service. It was a blessing to once again gather at the foot of the cross alongside my sista-preacha-friends in ministry. No matter what ups and downs I experience in ministry (and there have been plenty), sharing the preaching moment with friends who support me has always had a way of allowing me to see God working in my life. I am always so thankful.

This year, preparation was a particular struggle as it was for quite a few of the others. What I now realize is that most of us are experience a shift in our lives and we are walking in a new season. It's funny how that kind of shift can have such a profound impact on something that you do on a (fairly) regular basis, usually without an enormous amount of struggle. When God shifts, sometimes it causes you to wrestle, struggle, and become a little unsure of yourself. I suppose it is so you will leave room for God to work in a new way. After all, if you could do it on your own you wouldn't need Him. I'm so thankful that in the end I had the chance to see and experience my own growth through the preaching moment.  More than anything I am thankful that God still speaks, I still hear Him, and He still chooses to use me to be a blessing to His people.