Preaching the 2nd Word on Good Friday at Allen Chapel AME in DC

It's hard to believe only a week or so has passed since Resurrection Sunday because it feels like it was a month ago. The fact that Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday, and all other Easter season concerns are over was made real yesterday when I realized there was no overflow room needed at church. This is a stark contrast from the three ring circus of over eight overflow spaces throughout the building last week. Part of my frenzy that weekend was preaching two Good Friday services- Mount Joy Monkton in the morning and Allen Chapel DC in the evening. Now this is where most preachers point your attention to a fly pic (which I have, although Dr. Bell is on his phone while I'm preaching lol), telling you how awesome it was and how God moved. I will spare you the perfunctory glossy details and tell you what my day was really like.

Most of the day I was exhausted and didn't know whether I was coming or going. The Lord kept switching up both of my sermons giving me no time to memorize it, which was really my goal. I felt like I was running (and driving) at break-neck speed getting to each engagement. I walked into Allen almost ten minutes late because I got so turned around (like I do every single time I go to DC smh). While sitting in the pulpit at Mount Joy I looked down and realized I did not have on the shoes I intended to wear (thank God nude goes with everything)! While sitting in the pulpit at Allen I became concerned that my look was a little too edgy for this seemingly traditional environment but it was waaay too late to do anything about it. While I felt pretty solid in my delivery at Mount Joy, somehow at Allen with the low lighting I lost my place toward the end my Word and had to wing my close. I just employed the training I learned as a dancer- you just keep going.

So now that I have shared the truth of my experience Good Friday, I can tell you that the day was still totally awesome. The worship at Mount Joy was ridiculously amazing!!! And these sistas were sayin' it! We had such a tremendous experience. Allen was no less amazing. I enjoyed it in a very different way for different reasons. First of all I fell in love with that sanctuary and pulpit. Something about it was just so overwhelmingly beautiful in a way that stayed with me. The highlight of my evening was hearing all of the young guns preach powerful messages. As I age out of "young adult" ministry (and believe me I'm not mad lol), I grow concerned that young women and men won't be able to identify with those they see in the pulpit. Had I not laid eyes on Bishop Vashti McKenzie the very first time I walked into a church as an adult, who knows if I'd be a minister today. What I appreciated most about these pulpiteers is that they each had their own style and they were fully themselves.

So that's the truth of my post-Resurrection analysis. I was frenzied but I was blessed, which is the story of my life is it not? This week I turn my attention back to prepping for my next DMin intensive (while working on some other projects intermittently). First I need to pull together my house and my self-care, both of which suffered in the weeks leading up to Good Friday because of the Washington Annual Conference and final papers.


I did find a moment or two sew a couple of things over the past week. The black skirt was initially going to be one of my preaching outfits, but I didn't get it done in time. The blue dress I sewed just because it looks haute and I deserve it ;-).