Perfectly Positioned

One thing I hear frequently from members of the congregation where I serve is that they appreciate the fact that I am accessible. I try to make myself available to people because that was the way I was trained in ministry. Sitting in the pulpit every week I don't always get to talk to everybody, but that's hard anyway in a 2,000 member location of a 10,000 member church. Yesterday I had an experience that reminded me how important it is for people to not only see you in the pulpit, but to see you up close and personal. After working behind the scenes with a friend during the second service, we entered the sanctuary and sat in one of the back two rows. Neither of us were anywhere near where we normally would sit. In fact, I don't think I had sat in that section of the sanctuary since I was a visitor. When it was time for the invitation, each of us were able to help others around us make the most important decision of their lives- a decision for Christ. God strategically sat me in front of two young women in their early twenties who looked like deer caught in headlights when I started talking to them. As it turns out they were ready, but apprehensive, and they most certainly didn't want to move forward in front of nearly 1,000 people. In the end I ended up walking them out of the sanctuary during the benediction and taking them to the room where we process new members. This allowed me to share with them (and the others who had joined that day) and function in my ministerial role in a way I normally do not.

back row of the sanctuary

My friend and I were completely amazed by the way God moved! We weren't supposed to be sitting where we were. We weren't even supposed to be finished with what we were working on before service ended. Yet God perfectly orchestrated a series of ordinary events so that we could participate in an extraordinary moment in the lives of other people. Gotta love a God like that!