Not Long to Go

iPadI have been reading at a frenzied pace, particularly for the last two weeks, and my iPad (loaded with my required reading) has become my best friend. I have about four books to go, not including an additional book we are to read during our intensive. I am overloaded on information and a colleague suggested that I might be stressing myself out, so I've decided to pause the rest of my reading for a day or so. I may even pick up some of it while I am in the hotel once I arrive in NC. Lord knows I will have time to do so since I will be away from home. For now I need to turn my attention toward making sure I have everything I need to be away for seven days. I am already starting to worry about getting lost in Durham by myself, having to eat crappy food for 7 days (instead of salads, carrots, green beans, and kale which are my staples), and there is of course sleeping without my husband and my dog. I'm definitely not looking forward to that. I have to remind myself constantly that I am privileged to go. Most great opportunities are accompanied by great inconvenience and I'm ashamed to say that I am sometimes inclined to focus on the inconvenience. When I say I am grateful for this opportunity, a voice says "yeah the opportunity to sink further in debt pursuing yet another degree that probably won't yield a return on investment" lol. However I have to trust that God has a plan for my life and He already knows why He has chosen to have me credentialed in this particular way. My big sister is convinced that I will not only be just fine once I get there, but I will enjoy being away so much I might make the husband jealous! I sure hope she's right, but in the meantime I am enjoying this run of nice days here at home as I prepare for my trip.