My Testimony

Yes I know, it's been way too long! It's been so long, I'm beginning to feel like a guest blogger on my own site. I have really been focused on gathering the moving parts needed complete my application to the doctoral program I mentioned here. I've also been making the effort to take a close look at my life, my routines, and all the details in order to see how I will need to shift or reorder my life if... when I get accepted and start this program. This past week or so I did have the opportunity to shift my focus, or rather I had no choice, because I was in prep mode to preach this past Sunday. I was blessed and honored to celebrate Women's Day 2012 with the women of Cherry Hill United Methodist Church under the leadership of Pastor Ashley & First Lady Josie Hoover. These two are great friends and colleagues, and they lead a wonderful congregation committed to serving Christ. I had great fun bringing the Word and spending time with the ladies.

One of my greatest take-aways for this past week was how much doing what God calls you to do can fuel you in the midst of great struggle. I battled all week long and it seemed like the enemy was throwing all kinds of foolishness at me to distract me from preparing for this Word. In the end God showed up BIG! He showed up much bigger than I expected. He also finds surprising ways to give you what you need just when you need it. As I was about to leave the early service at my home church so that I can head up the highway to preach in Baltimore, my friend pulled up and hopped in my truck with her daughter to support me. God knows I was willing to go alone, but I'm so glad that I didn't have to.

Here's a little snippet from the Word God gave me for Cherry Hill UMC 2012, "He's Building My Testimony".