My Thankful Heart


Happy Thanksgiving! It's hard to believe the holidays are now in full swing. Psychologically I'm still in August. Usually by this time I am begging the husband to help me drag out the Christmas tree, garland, and all the other decorations. This year I've experienced so much transition that I just need time to catch up.

Over these past few months, my presence at AME connectional meetings has greatly increased compared to what it use to be. There was a time when I didn't even think of attending anything beyond what was mandatory. Now God keeps opening doors for me to be at what seems like EVERYTHING! Having the chance to talk with my former pastors and seeing their reactions to all God has done in my life has been a blessing. It has made me incredibly thankful for each one of them, and for all of the people who had a hand in shaping my life and ministry. I seem to be standing at the threshold of a major new undertaking which I will share more about in the coming months. As I get ready to take this huge step of faith, I am grateful to God for reminding me of my journey and assuring me that I am equipped to step into this next phase.

Walking transparently and authentically in exactly who God has called me to be has consistently been a big part of my ministerial identity. God has never allowed me to be anything other than my authentic self- from my appearance to my opinions. This has been an affront to some from time to time, but fitting into anyone else's expectations was never an option. Today I'm grateful that I chose to be me over imitating anyone else. As a leader and mentor in God's house I understand that being fully myself gives others permission to be fully themselves, and I believe that is the way God intends for it to be.