My Saturday


Happy Saturday! This week has been such a roller coaster. Between being glued to the television for election results, coming to terms with the outcome, writing most of the week for a huge opportunity in the works (more on that to come), church activities, and doing my part concerning my business, I was spent by Friday night. Today I chose not to participate in life. Me and the dog hid under the covers today with kettle corn and Christmas movies. Unfortunately there wasn't any wine involved, but I could've used a bottle. I am still catching up with some of the changes that have taken place in my life and ministry, as I vacillate between being excited and terrified! Of course I am excited about the opportunity to fully operate in my gifts. That's something I haven't had in a very long time. Yet I'm also terrified. I'm terrified of not fully becoming who I know I can be, and I'm terrified disappointing others who have invested in me. I know it seems ridiculous, and at this age and stage of life I shouldn't be so neurotic. Perfectionism and paranoia are my twin companions that just won't let me go.

So before I have to put my big girl panties back on tomorrow and transform back into the good reverend dr, I am enjoying my sweats, my fuzzy blanket, and the endless run of Christmas movies on tv. I'll get back to having it all together tomorrow.