My Preparation


  I know we are into December so I need to get over it, but I am still coming to terms with the fact that winter is here. Today's cold temperatures, which sent me running to the mall in search of an appropriate (and stylish) winter coat, reminded me of exactly how ill-prepared I am for the season.

Thankfully I am finding that I have been preparing all along for the season I am in when it comes to ministry. Every day it seems I am met with some experience or opportunity. New and surprising doors keep opening in the unlikeliest of ways. What this has taught me is that we don't necessarily prepare to meet opportunity as we sense it is on the horizon. It is really our experiences along the way that prepare us for what God knows is ahead. The sermons I preached, the papers I wrote, the articles I published, the friends I made, the mentoring I received, the years I spent serving, and even the time I spent waiting- all of it seems to be coming together right now to equip me for this moment. Every single day I have to draw from the rich well within that was created by all of these things.

In light of what I know now, I don't take any learning moment for granted however small it may be. We never know how any singular experience is going to contribute to our preparation. The best thing we can do is to be fully present in every moment and remain completely open to how God chooses to prepare us for what is next.