My Expectation


Once again it is the holiday season, my favorite time of year, and this year I was intent on getting a tree for my office. This tree would be MY TREE- beautifully color coordinated and decorated. Meaning, it would not have those horrid multicolored lights and hodge-podge decorations that my husband loves so much. I chose a beautiful white pine and brought it home, only to find it was waaaay too large. Needless to say it is now the Christmas tree for the whole house and I will have to search for a more suitable tree for my office. In the same way that my tree was way larger than I thought when I first saw it, God has been expanding my visions and my work to something much larger than I first imagined. I didn't realize it until I was having lunch with a pastor-friend yesterday and she said to me, "Ummm God tricked you Reverend. You are in full time parish ministry and you don't even know it." We laughed about this startling realization because when I first transitioned to my new church, I never imagined my life would look how it does now. Yet God does what God does, just the way God wants to do it. I've been able to experience so much over the last few months- serving at funerals, teaching bible study, preaching, planning conferences, learning the administration side of ministry, and the list goes on. For that I'm truly grateful because I waited a long time to be able to do what I'm doing now. I just never expected that the Lord would bless my ministry in this particular way in this season.

God is constantly reminding us that he can take our small expectations and do way more than we ever imagined. We are in the season of Advent, a time of expectancy and wonder. This time of year if nothing else should always remind us that God can and will disrupt the mundane routines of our lives to do the unexpected and miraculous.