I Miss My Lattes

...and my frappuccinos too! I am beginning the second full week of my Daniel Fast for Lent and I don't mind telling you that fruit smoothies do NOT take the place of a pumpkin spice latte. Yes I know that pumpkin spice is long gone along with the holidays, but Starbucks still had it at the time I began this fast. I also miss all the sweets that I decided to give up for the entire season of Lent. I gave up those guilty pleasures because I desperately want something from God. Longing for my comfort foods makes me think of how hard it is for us to give up our more significant stongholds- like relationships, habits, mindsets- so that we can have what God really wants for us. It's hard, and even sad, to let go of what brings us comfort and masks what really needs to change. Then we are forced to face the reality of our circumstances and trust God to make those changes. Many days I feeling throwing my blender against the wall and crawling back into the mindset that I embarked on this fast in order to abandon. The barrage of negative thoughts sent by the enemy and gloomy weather has not helped much either. But after all, isn't this the journey of Lent? Is this not the challenge of the wilderness experience?

strawberry smoothie