Heyyyyy Mrs. Carter

Beyonce in concertExhausted in an understatement to describe my condition right now. This weekend we celebrated the husband's birthday and we had more fun this year than we've had in a long time. The highlight of the weekend was going to see Beyoncé in concert and let me tell you.... she was AMAZING! Her show was so incredible and I know everyone says that, but it's no exaggeration. Her artistry and creativity is unmatched. She really puts on a show! I was so glad that we decided to purchase these tickets off of a friend who had purchased a slew of tickets trying to get the best seats for her niece. We normally do not go to a lot of concerts because of the screaming teeny boppers, but on a whim we decided to go for it. I'm so glad we did, although the guy next to me swore he was Beyoncé and did her whole choreography the entire show smh. Outside of that minor (at times major) inconvenience I had an awesome time. Her show reminds me so much of the classic MGM movies from the 40's and 50's with the elaborate musical numbers that I love so much. I still have a TON of reading to do, but the concert was a welcome interruption of my quest to get it all done. Damon was happy too and said from now on I am to be addressed by saying, "Heyyy Mrs. Gadson" lol. Yeah I think he appreciated his birthday outing. Just in case you don't get the reference because you haven't had an experience in the Beyhive (or you don't remember Mrs. Parker from the movie Friday), take a look here (a Beyoncé concert clip) and here (the Friday clip).