Happy New Year

I can hardly believe a new year has rolled in already. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was enjoying a summer vacation in Cayman and now a whole 6 months has passed by since that time. For some of us the date on the calender hasn't changed much in our livees because we are facing the same old situations, problems, and environment. This may even cause us to overlook the blessing of entering a whole new year and the opportunity to mentally hit the reset button on our lives. I must admit that I too almost walked into 2012 with the same grudges, hurts, and disappointments that weighed me down heavily particularly the second half of 2011. Then I watched this message and had to realize that if I allowed that to happen, I'd forever be stuck in old mess when God is calling me to a new dimension of living. At the end of the day, the things that threaten to keep us beholden to our yesterdays are merely a blip on the radar when you consider the enormity of the life we are really called to live. I believe shaking off foolishness and trading past disappointment for new hope will push us in the direction of the things God has for us in 2012.

Philippians 3 reminds us that in order to reach for that which God has for us, we must forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead for us. Why not choose to let go of last year's offenses and hurts, to forgive those who may have hurt you, and to move past the disappointment of unmet expectations. Instead look ahead to all the blessings, open doors, and opportunities for growth God will provide in the coming year. The only things that should be allowed to move forward with us into this brand new year are the joy and faith that comes from trusting God to do exceeding abundantly beyond what he did last year and all we can imagine or think for this year.

Happy New Year!