Fast Changes

This week Husband and I completed our first full week of our fast. It has definitely required some lifestyle adjustments, a few of which I hope to retain once the fast has ended. When you start a fast, the hope is always that you will receive clarity and revelation in a way that will significantly impact your life. I know I tend to look for some deeply spiritual encounter where God shows up in your dream or speaks to your spirit to reveal some hidden truth. Yet this time around, at least in the short time we've been fasting, God has used some very ordinary occurrences to reveal things to us. The green beans that have become my staple for this Daniel Fast

Since we've been fasting during the day, we eat dinner earlier and as a result we go to bed and wake up earlier. Somehow as a result of that chain reaction, Husband arrived at our business early only to find that an employee has been committing a terminable offense that put our company at risk and as a result he's been let go. Getting up earlier has also made my mornings way more efficient and has helped me to structure my days, particularly those days that I have to be gone from morning until evening. It helps me to feel like I am organizing my life for the things that I hope will manifest in 2013.Don't get me wrong. Even though it has only been a week and a half since the beginning of my fast, I have still experienced those moments that the Holy Spirit has revealed important truths to my spirit. There have been several huge and very eye-opening revelations that have explained some of the restlessness, dissatisfaction, and longing I am experiencing during this season. I am extremely happy to finally make sense of some of those things. However more than anything, I appreciate seeing the real and practical impact that this act of faith is having on our lives in such a short amount of time. I wait with anticipation for who I will be and what I will see more clearly by the conclusion of this fast.