Happy Valentine's Day! Today is day two of my Lenten journey and while I'm doing okay with what I've given up, today I didn't do so great with what I'm taking up. All of the countless Lent devotionals that have flooded my email are not helping either (which is why I chose not to use this platform for "sharing devotionals"). Today my Word study focused on the fact that God can and does call people in the midst of their everyday activities. Admittedly that reflection was met with the cynicism of my natural mind. Afterall I don't recall hearing the voice of God today as I was sorting through the pile of mail, doing the bills, or blending smoothies for the Husband. I suppose in the natural and in the spirit, I need to do a better job at clearing the clutter on a more regular basis so that I can hear and see more clearly. You never quite know when a routine or mundane activity will be the setting where God does something unexpected. The fact that this desk is now clean is, in and of itself, a miracle and  I'll take it. clutter