End of Semester, End of 1st Qtr

I am one paper away from being done with my semester! As my colleague pointed out, this will put us at 40% of the way through our coursework for this doctoral program. That thought is definitely encouraging. I wish I could say I loved every minute of semester, but other than engaging my colleagues I really didn't love it this time. I am praying that the next go around will be infinitely better. My last paper isn't due until April 11th, but I am determined to get it completed long before then so that I can be done with it. One thing that has continually been my release are my sewing projects. When I started sewing, I never imagined that I would sew anything I actually wanted to wear. Yet I have fallen in love with creating pieces that suit my style, and I grow more confident with each completed project. My latest is this off the shoulder sweater that I modified in a few small ways and I totally LOVE. It's amazing what a pattern, a little creativity, and some quick thinking will produce. I cannot wait to wear this sweater.


The truth is that my sewing table in my office has been my refuge during what would otherwise be a less than rewarding season for more than a few reasons. During the cold snap and the never-ending snow, we were worried about the loss of revenue and money was tight. I am currently not actively engaged in ministry- at least not in the ways I'd like to be- and I wonder if my gifts are dying on the vine. I've also started this fast for Lent, but I can't seem to commit to my reading plans and many days I feel like God's voice has gone silent. Sewing these sweaters, dresses, etc. has been one of the few things bringing me joy over the last three months.

Finally we are seeing the first few signs of spring on the east coast, and I sure hope that means the cold winter season in my life is also beginning to thaw. We are coming up on the end of the first quarter of the year. I plan to take a moment to assess and evaluate these last three months based on the goals I set and the system I put in place to achieve them. I am retooling early so that 2014 won't look like 2013. Thanks to my sewing machine- the best Christmas gift ever- one area I can definitely consider a success is the expression my creativity.