Duke or Bust

latebags...and at many moments it felt like 'bust' was the only available option. I got an early start only to barely make my flight, have my bags miss my flight, wait two hours in baggage claim with the hopes of my luggage arriving, arrive an hour late to my orientation, and finally reunite with my luggage (and its treasured contents) once I arrived at my hotel later this evening. Special shout out goes to my hubby for going all Tony Soprano on Southwest Airlines once he heard me fall apart on the phone. Gotta love a loudmouth overly aggressive husband, every girl should have one! While I was seriously lamenting the possibility of having to wear the same outfit for the next seven days, my chief concern was that my charger was in my luggage. This fact rendered me cut off from GPS and from loved ones as I watched my battery dwindle slowly. I thank God my battery hung in there long enough to get me to my hotel. Once I got over the deluge of emotion I was feeling, I could understand why the enemy fought me so hard. Sitting on a bench outside I finally took a breath and looked around. Duke Divinity is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is simply incredible. I cannot wait to see the inside of the chapel tomorrow.


What is not beautiful.... my extended stay hotel. It's a great place with a low rate and they offer everything to make it like home (a fridge, stove, sink, dishwasher, etc.). It's not ideal if you are obsessively particular about where you lay your head outside of you own bedroom, which I am. However I can't complain because it's affordable and it's only a little ways away from the school.


This is going to be a long and intense week, no doubt, but I still feel privileged to be here despite the fact that my heart is wishing I were home with my hubby and my pup.