Duke Divinity Bound

Duke Nearly a year ago, I posted here about making the decision to apply to a doctoral program. As I said back then, pursuing doctoral studies in this season was nowhere on my mind. Yet when God calls and He speaks a Word over your life, all you can do is say yes. Well I am happy to report that after applying to the doctoral program of my choice and waiting seemingly forever for the deadline to pass, I have been accepted. So this fall I am Duke Divinity bound to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree with a focus on Christian leadership. I received notice of my acceptance sometime during my little post-Lent hiatus from blogging, so I am in fact a little delayed in sharing the news. It took a week or two for the news to set in. When I found out, I called my mother screaming and crying like somebody shot my dog. I guess I was just so surprised and overwhelmed. All of the waiting made me begin to doubt whether or not I would actually be accepted. But God is faithful and He is no shorter than His word. I am very excited about this opportunity and what it will mean for my life and ministry.