Duke Days 7 & 8

meonthegreens I write this last reflection on my intensive week at Duke from the comfort of my own home. We finished with Bishop Willimon about 3:30 in the afternoon and with a half hour we were all heading out. I still don't have the appropriate words to articulate how meaningful this experience has been. Yesterday one of my colleagues invited me to have lunch at the Washington Duke. We sat on the outdoor patio overlooking the lush trees and beautiful greenery of Duke's impeccably maintained golf course near the ninth hole if I'm not mistaken. While we waited, he took me on a tour of the golf club where all of the women's golf trophies are prominently displayed. Our lunch and discussion of his connection to Duke inspired me to commit to remaining connected to the school even once this journey is concluded.

Our last day of the intensive was just as fulfilling as all the others. For our last lunch, the ladies ate together along with a member of administration who was interested in sitting down and getting to know us better. The final days discussions were as riveting as the first. When each class ended, we applauded each of our instructors and I left feeling like I'd had the opportunity to have these very significant conversations that are introducing an important shift in my life.


This morning as I checked out of the hotel, I could hardly believe that we were headed home. Even as I write I can't believe these eight days came and went. I'm still trying find ways to say what I feel about this journey and I'm trying to discern what the journey (not necessarily the degree and title) means for my life and ministry. I just knew I had to get to Duke and I celebrate God in advance for what he is unfolding in my life.