Duke Day 4 Green & Gothic

20130812-224513.jpgThe name of this post has absolutely nothing to do with my day's reflection as much as it has to do with how I experienced the campus today. Today was the official start of my classes and I felt something I have never felt before. For the first time I didn't feel like I was in class so much as I felt like I had this awesome and precious opportunity to have these incredible discussions with these awesome thinkers and thought-leaders. I was where I wanted to be, not out of obligation but out of a desire to be transformed by the experience. I can only imagine that this is what it must have been like in Luke 2 when the young boy Jesus is found by his parents sitting among the teachers in the temple courts listening to them and asking them questions. duke1

As wonderful as it is, I am still overwhelmed. I wish I could articulate fully everything I experienced today- from chapel in the morning; to the brilliant perspectives of our Old Testament instructor; to sitting in conversation with a bishop and having him not only know you by name, but actually listen and take an interest in what you are saying; to meeting the Franciscan priest who will serve as our mentor complete with his ecclesial regalia (now I have a better understanding of how it is for others who encounter me in my robe for the first time).


The day was still long and I am still beyond exhausted. I thought I would finally get some sleep since my reading for tomorrow is complete however I still have to post my class blog before I turn in for the night. Not to mention, our arrival time has now changed from 8:30 to 7:30 because of a change in schedule. Having to leave my hotel tomorrow by 7am is painful despite this wonderful experience I'm having. With that said... GOODNIGHT!