Duke Day 3 Renewed

selfie3 Unfortunately this sad little selfie is all the evidence I have of day three. This is ironic given that day three was awesome... well afternoon three at least. After a long twelve-hour day yesterday, I opted to worship in my PJs via online streaming with Reid Temple North (very proud of Sweatsuit Sunday by the way). So I spent the morning writing, reading, and worshiping from under the covers. This afternoon however I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the students from the second year cohort during a barbecue at the Duke Faculty Club pavilion. They unanimously sang the praises of this DMin program. They each talked about how the workload has been intense and beyond challenging, but the experience has been life changing. By all accounts, this is not the average DMin program and a Duke DMin is definitely different from all the others. They made it known that Duke is no paper factory!

When we get to the finish line, these degrees will be hard-earned for sure. Our second year colleagues also applauded Duke on the diversity of each cohort. It was amazing for me to see a sixty-something southern Caucasian gentleman embracing a young thirty-something African-American woman, happy to see his old friend in person rather than online. In my particular cohort the group is quite diverse and I happen to be the only African-American woman. This is amazing to me because it took some time before I even became aware of it which speaks volumes about the culture and camaraderie that has already developed. Something else I learned today is that I am without a doubt blessed and privileged to be here. 70+ people applied to this program and only 18 were selected. Can you believe it? Others in my cohort were aware of friends and colleagues who'd applied but did not get accepted. I am so glad that I didn't know this before I applied or during the time I was waiting for a response. This now makes me appreciate being a part of this elite group even more.

Well I still have reading to do and an essay to complete. Definitely cannot be a slacker on my first day of school!