Duke Day 2 Exhausted

selfie2I desperately wanted to name this post something else... anything else, but the truth is I really am just plain ole exhausted. I left my hotel room at 7:55 am and walked back in exactly twelve hours later. Because I'm so exhausted, you'd think the day was hard or taxing. It wasn't. In fact it was great! Everything I heard and experienced made me so excited to be here. I could listen to my professors talk forever and we all marveled at what it must be like to possess that kind of theological brilliance. I just couldn't imagine having that kind of mind or holding that sort of knowledge within me. We also spent hours engaging the technology that we will be using during the online portion of our class. Incredible! School is going to be a whole lot different from the last time now that we have all of this new technology. It's just incredible. I also got a chance to get to know and talk more with my colleagues during dinner at the home of our DMin director. We are a very diverse group with diverse backgrounds which will make for a rich learning community. And I know I said this yesterday, but Duke really is so incredibly beautiful that it's breath-taking.