A couple of days ago I posted about the hair (and spiritual) growth I'd experienced over the last month. I continued to turn it over and over in my brain- how is that seemingly all of a sudden my hair was growing so noticeably? It wasn't until Domestic Chic stopped by as I was flat ironing my hair that I realized what the catalyst has been. Biotin! I finally got the discipline to remember to take my biotin capsules every night and I've been doing so consistently over the last month. Discipline. I'm hesitant to use the word with regards to any aspect of my behavior because I don't consider myself disciplined in any real way. Sure, there are things I do religiously like blend smoothies in the morning and make my face before I leave the house when I know I have to be my public self. Yet I don't know if I'd call that discipline. When I hear that word I tend to think of someone in complete control, thoughtfully taking actions in order to move toward an expected end with predictable results. Not someone who made a haphazard effort to do what she knows she should and was graced with decent results.

I guess it doesn't really matter how you happen into your acts of discipline. Whether you are carefully predicting measured results, or trying to do the right thing and hoping for the best, I suppose the important thing is that you stick with that thing- whatever it is. Consistency over the long haul (or a short month) may yield surprising results and possibly inspire you to actually become more disciplined.

Now if only I could have more discipline in some other areas of my life.