Blizzard 2016

blizzard2016 What is anticipated to be the worst blizzard in recent history has already begun. I can't ever remember reports forecasting over two feet of snow in one 24 hour period weather event. I've spent the last four days in and out of grocery stores buying anything and everything we thought we could possibly have a taste for while we are snowed in. My one regret? Not trekking to Trader Joe's for cookie butter and cookie butter ice cream. I broke up with cookie butter ice cream almost two months ago when my weight reached a new high I'd never seen before. This storm has me willing to fall off the wagon. Oh and wine...white wine to be exact. Husband sent me a text to find out if I wanted white wine while he was out and I didn't respond fast enough. He ultimately decided I didn't need it, go figure. So alas, I am wineless and without cookie butter in a blizzard that will keep us stuck in the house at least until Monday. Oh you can only imagine the amount of white wine and cookie butter ice cream I plan to consume on the other side of this weather event.

I have to admit that although I love Jesus, I am more than a little unnerved by the weather reports. When I heard D.C.'s mayor say this is the worst weather forecast in NINETY years, yup...I had a mini panic attack. Sure did. That's when I realized that this not the cute storm that leaves you snowed in for the day. I can deal with that. No, they are talking about two to workblizzard2016three inches per hour, gusting winds, and thunder snow! Thunder snow?! Are you kidding me??? We are praying (and I mean seriously praying...pleading the blood of Jesus kind of praying) that our power doesn't go out. We can survive 48 hours stuck in the house as long as we have food (which means I need my oven) and television. Even if the satellite and internet goes out, we have enough DVDs (remember those?) to keep us going. And let's not even talk about what this has done to our revenue this week. I remember when being snowed in was all eating, tv-watching, and love-making, but now we just look at the snow fall and think about how much money we are NOT making. Such is the life of being self-employed.

I'm hoping in the midst of it all to be inspired toward productivity. It would be wonderful if this blizzard yielded three chapters of my dissertation. That would be worth being snowed in, even without wine or cookie butter ice cream.