Black Enterprise Magazine: Writing Your Life's Script

Empire Auto Detailers in Black EnterpriseSince the age of 26, everything my husband has set out to do (or even mentioned wanting to do) has come to pass. That has always baffled me since I'm supposed to be the faith teacher (prophet and preacher, um hello) in the house. But without fail everything Damon has said he wanted to do, he's done. In 2000 he said he wanted to leave property & casualty insurance industry and become a sales supervisor in a call center. A few months later he landed a job with Starpower as a Sales Supervisor. In 2004, he said he wanted a director's title by his 30th birthday. The following year, one month after his 30th birthday, we threw a huge party celebrating his promotion from Sales Manager to Director of Retail Sales at a telecommunications company in Silver Spring. Shortly after that promotion he made the following remark, "I don't want to be a V.P. because they all seem to get fired." Oh well too bad, so sad because by the time we were building our first single-family home Damon had been promoted to Executive Vice President & General Manager. A few short years later when Damon found corporate executive life to be more than a notion, he decided that he wanted to start an auto detailing business. I will go on record as saying I thought he had lost his (fill in the blank however you like) mind! All I could see was all his years of executive experience going down the drain with soap suds, and my husband in an orange jumpsuit with an oversized sponge in hand. I had my doubts which I'll never deny, and there have been so many struggles along the way, but ever since Empire Autho Detailers was born our life together has never been the same.

Over the past few years we've been in business, there have been many things Damon has declared that he wants to accomplish not the least of which is being featured in Black Enterprise magazine. A little over a year ago he had a mention/quote in an article and we thought that was the fulfillment of that dream, but God had another plan. I am happy to share that finally Empire Auto Detailers is featured in the May issue of Black Enterprise magazine (with a pretty fly pic if I do say so myself)! The print edition should be out May 2nd but you can read the article online here. I'm so proud of Damon, not just for getting the team into a leading African-American print publication, but for showing us all how to write the script for our own lives (and taking me along for the ride). Your intention really does become your reality if you are willing to pursue it. Thanks Hunny, for showing us that. If my husband's intentions continue to unfold- next stop the White House for lunch with the President and First Lady ;-).