Being On Time... Spiritual

Husband and I are now entering the second week of our modified Daniel Fast. I'm happy to say we made it through our first weekend, and eating veggies in the middle of the day on a Saturday didn't kill us. What I'm finding more difficult than sticking to my fast is the act of allowing God to work on the areas of my life that need tightening up. One of those areas happens to be my punctuality, or should I say my lack thereof. This past Sunday morning I was reminded of that reality. inworshipIn my usual fashion, I was sliding into home plate getting into the doors of the church at just about the time I technically should have been putting on my robe and preparing to enter the pulpit. What I quickly found out is that due to a confluence of illness, deaths of family members, and car trouble, our pulpit coverage was at a minimum. It took a second for my colleague and I to realize there wasn't anyone out there and that we needed to hurry. I still shudder to think of the consequences had it been time for the service to begin or if my pastoral leadership had come out there and none of us were there.  In a church our size with our reputation for excellence, that should NEVER happen.

While it was a small occurrence in the life of my weekend, it was significant to me in two ways. First it reminded me to never ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The Lord had been pushing me to get up much earlier that morning, but I chose to ignore the prompting because I wasn't feeling my absolute best physically and didn't want to get up. Secondly, I was reminded of how important it is to be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. There are a good number of us on the ministerial staff and we can depend on each other, so I always assume someone else will be there if I am running late. On that day I was the one who needed to be depended upon to be in place and I thank God that despite my disobedience, He still allowed me to deliver. Being on time and where I am supposed to be... definitely spiritual.