Christology, Baptism, & Curly Girls

Happy 3rd day of Lent! Well it wasn't so happy yesterday morning when I realized my fruits and veggies were already scarce. It's only day three and I am already tired of string beans, kale, strawberries, and sunflower seeds. Lent just sort of snuck up on us. I didn't realize until two days prior that it was about that time. Once I was aware of the timing, I did the responsible thing and ate all of the ice cream out of the fridge the day before so that I wouldn't be tempted once Lent began. Over the weekend I am hoping to buy what I need and put things in order so that I can remain disciplined on this fast.

Yesterday I had the privilege of filling in for my colleague and teaching her baptism class. I spent the hour talking with the two young girls to be baptized and their mom, and you would not believe the questions these girls had! They were very inquisitive and fully expected responses to their questions that made sense in their thinking. I probably drew upon my seminary training more than I had in a long time! Not only did they have questions like "Are God and Jesus two different people?" and "Where is Jesus now?" but they also wanted to know who was going to "dunk them in the water" and insisted on seeing pictures (I happened to have my iPad so Facebook was helpful in this regard). And of course... there were questions about the hair! "Will my hair get wet? Oh no! It's going to look all fuzzy!!!" These sisters wanted to demonstrate their love for Jesus but they weren't to happy about that hair piece lol.

My time with them gave me life for a few moments in the midst of concerns about finances, school, and life in general. It was a reminder that God doesn't wait until your life is perfectly (or even halfway) ordered to use you. He wants to use your gift right in the midst of concerns over late bills and looming paper deadlines. Shortly after leaving the church, I found myself immersed in a conversation with the husband about bills and money. I'm like, "Really God!? You expect me to have joy and excitement about explaining a triune God to an eight- and a twelve-year-old, in the midst of everything that I stand in need of right now?" I think you know how God responded. In my spirit I heard him say, "That's exactly what I expect!"