Are You on Your List?

  Natasha after teaching

Over the last few months, I made a startling discovery- I haven't been putting myself on my own to-do list. I've ignored the seemingly inconsequential signs of neglect: my gray-streaked temples amidst fading hair color, my colorless summer toes, the fact that I haven't had a gelati from Rita's all summer. I've also ignored the larger signs as well: my shorter temper, inability to hide my intolerance of ignorant people, and... well you get the picture. In general I have been a little too focused on my larger goals, and possibly a little too accommodating of other people's needs. When you say 'yes' to seemingly small requests, you tend to overlook the energy and effort involved in managing your expectations, others' expectations of you, other people's stress levels and bad attitudes, and how you respond to them. Taken from that perspective, a small 'yes' can become a huge 'I wish I hadn't sad yes'.

A few weeks ago I decided to invest in myself by attending The Power Conference, a conference for women in business put on by the Women's Business Consortium. I plan to share more details about this extraordinary event in the weeks to come, but for right now I just want to share a snippet of Mikki Taylor, Essence magazine editor-at-large and the phenomenal keynote speaker for this event. Here Mikki talks about putting yourself on your list.