Anniversary Flow

  IMG_1321It's been quite a while and I fully intend to share updates on what's been going on in my kerygma-world really soon. Today however I just want to pause to celebrate 12 years of marriage to my awesome hubby Damon. It feels like we've been married both for a lifetime and for only five minutes, if that makes any sense at all. We have learned not to take for granted all of the years we have been blessed to share a life together. Many of the couples that started out with us didn't make it. As we've done every year for the past several years, we had dinner at one of our favorite DC spots, Acadiana. We fell in love with this place several anniversaries ago and as hard as we try, we can't seem to choose a different place to have dinner on our anniversary. This year was low key because we didn't have any grand plans for an island get-away or long weekend, but that's okay. Just being able to sit at window table in our favorite spot and recount 12 years of marital bliss (and 17 years in romantic relationship) was really all we needed.