Already Within

The walls in my office these days  

I cannot believe I am already preparing for my last semester in my DMin program. More importantly I am in utter disbelief that it's time to begin research for my doctoral thesis. I have been determined to go against the grain and do data-driven research, which is not the norm in this program. It has been quite some time since I had to do this process under the watchful eye of a professor rather than as a consultant, so I have been feeling some trepidation. I'd even put a plan in place to talk with former professors and my colleagues from grad school who are now PhDs. However, I was reminded this week that the skills, the training, and the gifts necessary to complete this work are already within me.

After weeks of intentionally shifting my focus and conversation away the things holding me back, I was finally able to get quiet and still enough to hear from God about my research. Laying in bed early one morning, I began conceptualizing the direction of my research with a greater level of specificity. After scribbling on a notepad without waking Husband and Pup, I was amazed by what emerged. Over the weekend I transferred my thoughts to my oversized post-it pages and hung them around my office, which gave me greater clarity. I now have ideas that will not only move my research forward, but also breathe new life into my ministry. I earnestly believe that I would have never received this insight had I not took hold of the revelation that everything I need is already inside of me.

As much as we want to run to friends, family, and colleagues out of our own insecurity, the truth is that we really already have within us everything needed to do the work God has assigned to our hands. The One who is in you is greater... y'all know the rest (1 John 4:4).