It's hard to believe that last week this time we were digging out of the blizzard. While there's still a LOT of snow on the ground, today was so warm I didn't even have a real coat on. What a difference one week makes. With the way this weather has impacted our business, my prayer is that the warmer temperatures and peaks of sunshine melts this snow quickly.

While house-bound this week, I was chatting with a friend about the different ways doors open for some and the assistance they've gotten to make things happen. It's funny how sometimes people give their "testimony," glossing over their privilege and the reality that things don't happen the same way for everyone. One person's story in particular completely left out the far-reaching influence of those to whom he was connected, which allowed both financial and political support to be thrown at his particular ministry initiative. This contributed greatly to his success because in order to accomplish what he has, he needed advocates with significant pull who could get him to the table with people in positions of power.

It is said that in order to gain access to circles and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable, you need an advocate. You need someone to speak those in power on your behalf, attest to who you are, connect you to the right people, and teach you what you need to know. That's what an advocate does. The problem is that many of us, most of us really, don't have those kind of people active in our lives. Watching the privileged few with advocates gain access to places the rest of us could only dream of is discouraging. It's tempting to think that certain advantages only happen for some and can never be a possibility for others. That kind of thinking shifts your focus from becoming who you called to be, to constantly trying to get in with those who you think can make things happen for you.

I'm thankful because as I was having this conversation with my friend, God reminded me that we have an Advocate. We have someone who will make things happen and speak to power on our behalf. The word tells us that we have an advocate in the Person of the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit will move on your behalf, put you on the minds of people who don't even know you, move people to help you, and teach you everything you need to know so that you are equipped for the assignment. The Holy Spirit can cause doors to open that no one would ever have within their power to open for you. The Holy Spirit can not only get you to the table, but make you the person with whom everyone wants to sit. Right now you might be tempted to ingratiate yourself with the elite, the power players, or the leaders of whatever arena you are trying to get into. Yet I challenge you today to let go of your strategy and try this one. Walk boldly in the gift that is in you, trust the power of the Holy Spirit, and watch God move in ways you would never expect or could never imagine.