Maximize Your Potential: A Little Creativity

Seasons Greetings Peeps! If you are like me you are already watching all of the holiday movies and programming, especially on the Hallmark Channel. I so love this time of year. Not too long ago I posted about proper planning and the revelation that the holidays get by me every year because I don't look ahead. That was the beginning of November and I thought sure I'd be proactive with my Christmas plans and decor, but unfortunately my finances didn't allow that to happen. The beautiful (and pricey) pre-lit garland I wanted for my enormous and very prominent banister in the foyer would put me in the poor house. While I love the holidays, I've just never been a believer in going broke to buy gifts or decorations you only get to look at for approximately 30 days (and that's if you get started early).

I almost gave up on my Christmas decor and figured that I'd get ready for next year by buying decorations when they went on sale. But then I got stuck in Hobby Lobby earlier this week when it started pouring down rain outside. Looking around as I waited out the rain, I happened upon a few enormous Christmas ornaments. They were so sparkly and beautiful that I decided I couldn't leave without them. I arbitrarily decided on a number of boxes in colors that matched my first floor and was excited to find they were 50% off. Apparently there's something to be said for waiting until the last minute to decorate. I still wasn't quite sure what to do with them exactly. I didn't want to have wasted money on more lackluster decorations like the cheapy garland I settled for to say I made an effort.

DecorationsA few hours later while roaming around in Michaels, I got the idea to wrap up huge cardboard boxes as Christmas gifts and position the ornaments around it. I bought a couple of tubes of wrapping paper and coordinating ribbon (also 50% off), and headed for the UPS store. Another twelve bucks and I had everything I needed. Two hours of wrapping paper, sparkly ribbon, and craft glue dots, and suddenly I no longer missed the pre-lit garland that I wanted so badly. It is amazing how a little creativity and ingenuity made such a huge difference in ushering in the holiday spirit (at least where my decor is concerned). And I felt so excited about it because I had a hand (really two) in creating it. My niece, Domestic Chic, made an excellent point. It makes a huge difference when you are able to use your imagination and engage your creative power to produce something beautiful. You really feel good about it!


I love these boxes and the ornaments together, and the first time I have decor that's not dwarfed or overwhelmed by my high ceilings. I also had enough ornaments to fill an empty space on my console that had been bugging me. I even had a couple extra to add into a wreath that I made for my door a couple of years ago (I'd upload that pic too, but it's really cold outside).

In all I probably spent about $75 for everything which was a far cry from what a lot of people spend to decorate for the holidays. I was glad to be able to do something fun and festive without breaking the bank. It helps to keep priorities in order. Also I must admit that completing this project also got me to thinking, if I could accomplish this what else might be possible for my home with a little creativity?