Snowy Reflections

DSCN3049Good Morning KerygmaWorld! I bring you greetings from a warm place under the comforters after more than 24 hours of being snowed in. For the first time in a really long time we had a major snow event this early in the season, and the first blizzard in quite some time. While my husband was having a conniption because his business would be impacted adversely, I loved being snowed in and watching our neighborhood transform into a winter wonderland.

Snow has a way of shutting everything down for obvious reasons, and slowing us down in more subtle ways if you allow yourself to be open. Much of the concern yesterday was making sure we had everything we needed in-house and setting ourselves up for the best possibility of getting out once it was time to dig out. However after a certain point (about the eleventh inch of snow) you realize you really don't have control over what is happening and the best thing you can do is surrender. Standing in the middle of the street facing my house last night with everything at a standstill (except Damon, my husband, losing the battle with the driveway) really magnified the reality that we are not in control. Even the snow plows had to bow down to the weather and wait for permission to move ahead.

DSCN3050Sometimes life looks just like my snow blanketed street last night- quiet, immobile, with limited visibility. Yet just as with a fresh and abundant snowfall, there is a certain peace in knowing that your condition might be beyond your control but God has a plan for your forward movement. Rather than resisting, it might be time to surrender, slow down, and tune into what life is saying so that the plan for moving forward can be heard clearly.

Sometimes the moment of surrender simply allows your spirit to connect with that of those whom you love and care about. In one of our first moments of stillness, as we ate brunch in our breakfast nook watching the falling snow, the Spirit led me to ask my husband about our friend. I carried that friend and his family in my spirit all day. This morning when I logged onto FaceBook, his status was at the top of my live feed. In response to the comment I left on his page, his first words were "Wow, as my Granny would say 'you gonna live long'... I was thinking about you and D Gaddy a lot yesterday..."