A New Year

Happy New Year KerygmaWorld! Yes I know that I am more than fashionably late. I am fully aware that if this were a party, I'd be just in time to assist the clean up crew. I am late on purpose and with good reason. I spent the first month of the year in prayer and fasting, seeking God's plan and purposes concerning my life, my work, my ministry, and most importantly KerygmaWord. After 21 days on a Daniel Fast, I'd love to say that I came away with unprecedented clarity and a roadmap to move forward in every area of my life. It would thrill me to present this cohesive and comprehensive plan for 2011 that will launch me, and all who read my words, into destiny with lightening-fast speed. It would make me beam with pride to say that I have finally discovered the answers to all of the problems that get presented in this space. Ah well,... a sista can dream, right?

I always go into these fasts with a litany of questions and come away with pretty much no answers while a totally unrelated area of my life seems to open up (even if just a little). This time was no different. I waved my list in God's face concerning family, finances, KW, finances, relationships, and finances (did I mention finances?). God responds by engaging me in my new church home as an active member of the ministerial staff. Uh huh, not exactly a direct response. But the instructions I did get to my litany of questions were simply to keep showing up. So I'm back! I'm back fully understanding arriving at resolutions that really count (not empty promises to work out this year) is a process that requires you to keep showing up.

On a side note, sometimes I get answers on Sunday morning to questions I raised Saturday night. My preacher-sister-friend says that's how you know you're in the right place. My new church home might actually be a direct reponse. Don't know, but I guess we'll see. Welcome to 2011 at KW!