It's Time for a Shift!

Happy March KerygmaWorld! I thought this time would never come, but spring will be upon us before we know it. I know we are not out of the woods of snow and cold weather yet, but the truth that thirty days from now our weather reports will look vastly different does give me hope. That's the same kind of hope we ought to have for our days and months ahead. We ought to be able to embrace the knowledge that wherever we may find ourselves in this point in time, our season has to change. Knowing this gives us the opportunity to ensure it changes for the better.

Spring always excites and worries me simultaneously. On one hand I am happy to thaw out from the winter freeze, but on the other I want things to be better so that I can face the arrival of warm weather with joy. This year why not get the jump on spring? In the same way I'm on the hunt for a cute spring jacket before the temperatures even begin to rise, why not take inventory of life and make necessary adjustments. I don't know about you but I want spring to find me passionate, energetic, and purposeful, not still sporting my winter blues.

This month at KerygmaWord, you will find just what you need to help you shift into purpose. All month long you will get to meet women of the Word whose purpose as spiritual leaders is to help others find purpose and meaning. Also this month we will highlight tips and tools that can help us turn our natural gifts into a personal brand. And let's not forget a little fun, food, and fashion along the way.

Come on people, wake up! Come out of winter hibernation and shake off the heaviness of the cold and get ready for a new season. This month, it's time spring to life and shift into purpose!!!