Building an Empire

Greetings KerygmaWorld! Over the weekend things were pretty quiet around the KerygmaWord section of my brain, house, and computer because all hands were needed on deck for the our other business, Empire Auto Detailers. Aside from giving my input concerning finances, company policy, and long-term strategic planning, I usually don't get involved in the day-to-day operations. However, a partnership we established with changed all that! Through this partnership we were able to offer a sweet deal on some of our services at a deep discount for one day only. The response was overwhelming, to say the least.  Unfortunately the timing of the deal wasn't the best since Damon had a seminar to attend in the morning, which left me fielding a zillion questions from potential customers and answering the phone which rang constantly. By the end of the day I was overwhelmed, frazzled, and so hungry I thought I'd pass out, but it was a great day for the business. Despite how hard that day was for us, I learned quite a few lessons about myself and our business.

I learned that most people are genuinely nice and appreciate the value of a good service, women in particular. I talked to so many wives, girlfriends, and moms who really appreciated being able to get a good deal on something they felt they needed without breaking the bank. I also learned that some people are really cheap, especially people who have money. It was amazing to me that a few people calling from very affluent neighborhoods wanted to argue me down about the small trip fee they would incur by being outside of the 20 mile radius we usually service. I don't know if this is good or bad, but I guess it depends on if you see it as being cheap or frugal. It is just my personal opinion that when you hold your hand so tight, nothing can get out or in.

I also learned during the flurry of phone calls that loved ones who are accustomed to having your undivided attention can experience some discomfort by your sudden shift of focus, namely Rowdy. That morning I really thought it would be as simple as answering a few calls while I played with Rowdy and waited for Damon's seminar to be finished. No so! Poor Rowdy sat in the backseat bored and probably pretty upset. He wasn't allowed to bark because I didn't want the customers to hear him and he wasn't allowed to sit up front with me because I didn't want him stepping on the papers with company information. Although Rowdy had it rough all day, he quietly and patiently waited until late that night when Damon and I could pay him some attention. Seeing Rowdy's response to the mayhem, I couldn't help but to wonder how we would deal with days like this when we have these future children we've been planning for "someday".

Of all the lessons, through all the moments of being overwhelmed, and in the midst of realizing the huge blessing this deal was to our company, the most important thing I realized is that Damon and I can actually work together in a high stress situation without killing each other. I think that was the most important lesson of all. The reminder that your life partner is also equipped to be your business partner and you can be successful on both fronts- priceless!