2010 Start Again

Happy New Year KerygmaWorld! Um, a bit late...yes I know. This year I started the new year off with so much momentum- cleaning and anointing the house, finally purchasing window coverings for the kitchen, actively pursuing the family goals. After such an enthusiastic start I quickly ran out of steam. This was largely due to the fact that while time consuming, none of these activities were propelling me forward in living out my purpose. I quickly realized I needed a do-over, a new start to the new year.

In a moment of what seemed like divine synchronicity, I soon learned that the International Mastermind Association (of which I am a member) was having an Annual Conference in the Washington D.C. area. "Perfect!" I thought. A day of reflection and accountability to 2009 goals as well as goal-setting for 2010 was just what I needed to restart my year. I'm sure it would have been, had a surprisingly intrusive and inconvenient snowfall not hit the D.C. area and turn my car back towards home after an hour of driving on untreated roadways.

Disappointing... I know, but maybe the divine synchronicity wasn't in the IMA Annual Conference so much as my willingness to acknowledge my need for another start and the new momentum I received to make that happen. Even at this moment as I write to you, another intrusive and inconvenient snowfall begins to hit the ground. However this snow event I will humbly receive as an opportunity for me to conduct my own personal annual conference. Divine synchronicity always arrives with its own plan in mind ;-).