The Blessing in Showing Up

I dread routines. I absolutely hate them and I hate participating in activities that have become routine. But sometimes it’s in the midst of our boring routines that we stumble upon our greatest blessings.


I am not one to show up to places just for the sake of showing up. If the purpose of me being present somewhere- anywhere- is to put in facetime, I would sooner stay home. Unfortunately once I entered ministry, facetime became a huge part of the expectation while I was in training. We were always expected to be in place- at meetings, at services, at conferences, etc.- just in case we were called upon (which we seldom were). It did however teach me discipline and the importance of being faithful.


15 years later, I can truly say that learning to be in place was an important lesson. Some of my major opportunities in ministry came about, not because I was chosen, but because I simply showed up. I regularly showed up to my former assistant pastor’s preaching engagements, shortly thereafter becoming her armor bearer and ultimately accepting my call to ordained ministry under her tutelage. I kept my commitments, even for the boring mundane assignments, and eventually one of my former pastors began asking me to take on more responsibility. Even now after 8 months of showing up to everything at my current church that my time will allow, I have found myself being asked to preach and teach regularly when my pastor is out and my role has expanded to include a paid staff position.


Sometimes it’s in the midst of our boring routines that we stumble upon our greatest blessings.

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If you are in a season where you can’t be everywhere at everything, it’s okay. Just be fully present at the things you’ve chosen to make the center of your life. For me right now, it’s ministry. For you it may be something different. Whatever it is, if it is important to you, don’t miss your opportunity to grow and experience more because of half-hearted effort. I promise you there is a blessing in simply showing up consistently.